A Global Facilitator of World-Class Relationships

Get Access to the Right Intel, Strategy & Connections

More Than Connect, We Establish and Transfer Trust

Trust is what’s poured into the foundation of every business we build.

Avant Global operates as principals in disruptive frontiers by catalyzing extreme competitive advantages.

A leading business advisory, AG works with today’s most affluent families, leaders & entities worldwide.

Founded in 1999, our business is built on the guiding belief that trust, above all else, is the most powerful currency in business. While specific technology and market trends will always come and go, the importance of developing the right network of trusted connections will always remain mission-critical to nearly every venture.

For nearly 20 years we have brought together the most promising opportunities with the most trusted teams to create and execute tomorrow’s most prosperous companies.

Expand Your Strategic Network

More than words, we provide our clients with true global access to the right high-value connections and empower them with the right intel, strategies, and relationships they need to achieve true results. We have leveraged the unique approach to facilitate more than $15 billion in added value to our partners and clients. This is how AG has executed and creates tomorrow’s most innovative and prosperous companies.

To achieve this, our operation is divided into three distinct units created to best support our clients continued growth — AG Venture Capital & Investments, AG Strategic Advisory, and Avant Global Holding Company:




Avant Global’s venture business taps into our expansive network to build new relationships with high-growth companies and facilitate strategically disruptive investments.

Today our investment portfolio includes more than 50 diverse startups, including many of today’s most promising up-and-coming brands.




Avant Global’s Strategic Advisory unit was created to support business leaders’ ongoing need for new strategic connections.

With more than 20 strategic partner offices spanning five continents and 16 time zones, we provide clients with unparalleled access to an elite, highly diverse network of subject-specific experts, scientists, CEOs, decision makers, politicians, and celebrities.




Avant Global has co-founded, commercialized, or provided major seed-level involvement in more than 50 businesses across a wide scope of industries, ranging from Big Data to digital advertising.

Today, our holding company is comprised of equity from many of these same businesses along with a variety of strategic investments we have made in both mature and emerging technologies.