The Avant Global Process

Avant Global has built a network of relationships for over 19 years, operating with the philosophy that business relationships require trust at the highest level. This has enabled Avant to strategically bring together individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies across different industries and sectors.

To effectively transfer the trust and value of our to our partners and clients, Avant Global utilizes an experience-tested methodology to build upon new and existing relationships.

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Understanding Objectives

We listen. The first and most important step is to understand our clients’ needs. As we begin to develop a picture of where they are now and where they would like to go, we tailor an actionable strategy to meet their needs.


Identify Strategic Relationships

Once a client or partner’s objectives are identified, Avant begins to prioritize the network of business relationships that will best serve their goals.

Deep Discovery

Once new relationship opportunities have been targeted, Avant provides a full briefing, historical data, and other relevant information for our clients to prepare for an introductory meeting.


Facilitated Introductions

We coordinate initial meetings and conference calls. In some cases, a member of our team will guide the discussion. If a client wishes to form international relationships outside of their geographic location, our team will coordinate and is available to accompany all aspects of the journey.

Supported Engagement

Avant provides ongoing reports that outline the current discussion, strategy, next steps, and follow-up actions for each new business relationship.


Continued Connection

To properly develop relationships, we ensure that there are regular follow-up opportunities for action between our clients and the parties we introduce them to. We make sure communication continues, information is exchanged, and the relationship deepens.


Our process culminates with the successful achievement of our clients’ objectives. No matter the challenge, our job is not done until we’ve ensured our clients’ utmost satisfaction.