January 1, 2015

Dear Whom It May Concern,

I hope the New Year finds you well. Prima Worldwide is starting the year with one goal – to continue helping our partners, clients and friends succeed.

We have made a number of exciting advancements with new technology companies, primarily in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Some of these include Bloomthat, Veradocs, Sols and Woven Digital. We’ve also embarked on a new in-house venture, Trucleanz, which will safely and affordably cleanse fruits and vegetables. We look forward to sharing more about Trucleanz as the year progresses.

In 2015 we look forward to networking and building attentive businesses, capitalizing on emerging home & health technologies, and keeping our eye on 3D printing, Big Data, digital currency platforms, and big market technologies that open new industries.

In addition to our keen interest in technology, we also founded an energy company with our partner in 2014 focused, on compelling opportunities for US Oil & Gas asset and mineral acquisitions. Collectively, we’re embracing diversification on multiple fronts where opportunity exists and our relationships are the strongest.

A few friends have asked us about confusion with a similarly named company, owned by a relative that faced some regulatory issues. As our friends have learned, we have no ties or business relationships with the other company, nor are we the same type of business. Prima Worldwide does not manage any funds or investments for its clients. Simply, we help grow great companies with world-class relationships.

Our last year was one of our best yet. We look forward to even greater successes this year. Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous year. If you have any questions, new ideas or facilitation needs, please feel free to give us a call.

/S/ Demetri Argyropoulos