Welcome to Evolve the Law, ATL’s Legal Innovation Center

(As featured in AboveTheLaw- November 2, 2017)

Written by: Hsiaolei Miller

Above the Law has been covering technology for 10 years, when Skadden first allowed associates to buy iPhones and made “Skadden associates the coolest on the planet.” Today, 77% of American adults own smartphones, and Above the Law is covering blockchain.

As technology and innovation become more and more integrated into the practice of law, and a requirement for lawyers, Above the Law is announcing a new platform for this coverage: Evolve the Law, ATL’s Legal Innovation Center. This Center will be a platform to connect lawyers with technologists, legal-design thinkers, innovators, alternative service providers, and Evolve Law members. It will feature op-eds from the innovation community in law, as well as across industries in healthtech, fintech, regtech.

We will feature two new contributing editors:

Regular ATL columnists like Bob Ambrogi and Olga Mack, and new columnists like artificial-intelligence leader Ross Intelligence, and Monica Zent, founder of Foxwordy and ZentLaw, will be featured here as well.

The Innovation Center will be rolling out new features in 2018 including a new Tech Directory, in partnership with Evolve Law’s Legal Tech Toolkit.

Find the link to the full story below: https://abovethelaw.com/legal-innovation-center/2017/11/02/welcome-to-evolve-the-law-atls-legal-innovation-center/